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Disco 1

1-Suffer Me Not – The Spanishtonians
2-Pour On The Sauce – The Soul Leaders with The Carib-Beats
3-Goodnight My Love – Roland Alphonso & The Beverley’s All Stars
4-Coming On Strong – The Tartans
5-Govern Your Mouth – Johnny Melody (aka George Agart)
6-I’m Gonna Love You – Ewan McDermott & Jerry Matthias with The 7-Carib-Beats
8-Ain’t That Peculiar – Austin Faithful
9-The Lecture – Jo Jo Bennett & The Fugitives
10-I Have Changed – Carlton Alphonso
11-Chances – Gladstone Anderson with Lyn Taitt & The Jets
12-Why Did You Leave Me – The Young Souls
13-Worries (A Yard) – The Versatiles
14-Good To Me – Delroy Wilson
15-Music I Fight (aka Target) – The Crashers (aka The Gaytones)
16-Su, Su, Su – The Soul Directions
17-Adam And Eve – The Bleechers
18-Mr D.J. – The Conquerors

Disco 2

1-Last Lick – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
2-No More Teardrops – Eric ‘Monty’ Morris & The Maples
3-It’s Your Thing – Anonymously Yours
4-Darkness – Boris Gardiner & The Love People
5-Going in Circles – Bobby ‘Blue’ Davis & The Sensations
6-Feel A Little Better – Lloyd Parks
7-Lonely Man – Dave Barker & The Techniques
8-Music Talk – Karl Walker & The Charmers
9-(Name) Ring A Bell – The Cables
10-Julianne – Byrone Lee & The Dragonaires
11-More Heartaches – Lizzy
12-Life Is Rough – Stone
13-Super Bad – Jeff Dixon
14-Sitting in The Park – Slim Smith
15-The Drifter – I Roy
16-Horns Of Paradise – Ron ‘Trammy’ Wilson
17-Dr. Fud – Fud & Del

Disco 3

1-Keep On Trying – Tony Nash
2-Moon River (7″ Mix) – Greyhound
3-B.B.C. – Nicky Thomas
4-Rose Garden – Teddy Brown
5-Shacatac – Dave Barker
6-A Little Today, A Little Tomorrow – Winston Francis
7-Check Out Yourself – The Cimarons
8-You Can’t Buy My Love – Donny Dawson
9-Just Because – Danny Ray
10-Back On The Scene – Junior English
11-Touch Me Baby – The Marvels
12-How Could You Do This – Nora Dean & Dansak
13-Rambling Man – Gene Rondo
14-I’ll Be Free Someday – Candy Lewis
15-You Are Mine – Honeyboy
16-Reggae Man – Teddy Davis & The Discolettes

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