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Disco 1

1-Living In The Footsteps - Delroy Wilson
2-Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Marcia Griffiths
3-In Paradise - Jackie Edwards
4-Why Baby Why - Ken Boothe
5-Lips Of Wine - Dennis Brown
6-Stay A Little Bit Longer - Delano Stewart
7-Ring Of Gold - The Melodians
8-Memories By The Score - John Holt
9-Our Day Will Come - The Heptones
10-Lonely Man - Dave Barker
11-Have You Seen Her - Derrick Harriott
12-Daddy's Home - Pat Kelly & The Uniques
13-Sad News - The Ethiopians
14-I'll Be Waiting - Alton Ellis
15-Thin Line Between Love And Hate - B.B. Seaton
16-All I Have Is Love - Gregory Isaacs
17-Love Me For A Reason - The Fab Five Inc.


Disco 2

1-Turning Point (Where Do I Turn) - Slim Smith
2-Til I Can't Take It Anymore - David Isaacs
3-My Jamaican Girl - The Gaylads
4-I'm So Proud - Joe Smith
5-Silly Wasn't I - Sharon Forrester
6-Please Stay - Larry Marshall
7-Here I Am Baby - Al Brown
8-Riding For A Fall - Horace Andy
9-It Must Be True Love - Toots & The Maytals
10-No More Heartache - The Beltones
11-Thats When It Hurts - The Silvertones
12-Tonight - Keith And Tex
13-One Woman - Bob Andy
14-Never Found A Girl - Cornell Campbell
15-Left With A Broken Heart - The Paragons
16-Fever - Susan Cadogan


Disco 3

1-Your Eyes Are Dreaming - Jackie Edwards
2-Silhouette - Dennis Brown
3-The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Marcia Griffiths
4-Now I Know - Ken Boothe
5-You Don't Need Me - The Melodians
6-It Hurts - Delroy Wilson
7-You Make Me Feel Brand New - Inner Circle
8-Rich In Love - Glen Adams
9-Darling Ooh - Errol Dunkley
10-Let Me Hold Your Hand - The Heptones
11-Soulful Love - Pat Kelly
12-You Will Never Find Another Love Like Mine - John Holt
13-Since I Lost My Baby - Derrick Harriott
14-Things Of The Past - Phyllis Dillon
15-Honey Child - Bob Andy
16-You'll Lose A Precious Love - The Uniques
17-Just As Long As You Need Me - Busty Brown


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